HNCEO is a new humanitarian NG0 agency delivering emergency relief and a long-term Kampong Thom province development project to build a modern English vocational training center for poor orphan and rich families.

Founded since 2015, HNCEO is a non-sectarian, impartial and non-governmental organization of target area strongly combatting sex children trafficking, abuses and then save all those poor orphansto go to HNCEO vocational English Training Center in the area improve English vocational skill.


II. N60 Address: #214EZ, St.107, Sangkat Orussey 4, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.

III. Phone, Fax, Email, P.O Box
MOBILE PHONE: (855) 12 700 319
P.O Box:………………………………………………. (ccc)

Mobile phone: (855) 12 700 319

Land square 02 hectares surrounding by stone wall.
Location: Phum……………………………….Khum………………………………Srok………………………………Kampong Thom Province.


HNCEO is strongly combatting children trafficking to sex slavery, poor orphan, children abused, street children and then for and rehabilitate to those poorest children rescued from sex slavery, abuses and a lonely to educate English vocational skill.

Depending on a strong wishof Mrs.YimSokly since her childhood to help the poor orphans can do their English vocational skill, she has submitted of behalf of HNCEO director to the minister of Ministry of Education to build a modern English vocational training center at Kampong Thom province on her heritage land tittle by fund from oversea and in land donors.

Modern English Vocational Training Center will provide English vocational skill to poor orphans without payment and to the children of rich family HNCEO will ought them to pay half or full.

HNCEO is strongly combating children trafficking and abuse to sex slavery and then care for and rehabilitate to those children rescued from sex slavery, lonely orphans and then gathered them to go to HNCEO English vocational training center (feed, care for, defend and arranging their future)
HNCEO is mainly working and secure the right of poor orphan victim by children trafficking and reintegrating the poor orphans into the main stream society through HNCEO financial support.

2. Against Children Violence
HNCEO support on violence against children seeks to identify and support innovative projects aimed specially at preventing and eliminating violence against children initiative that they can receive funds include such as the following: raising awareness and conducting advocacy organs children capacity building for improving their ability to prevent violence organist children and to respond to its effects, legal literacy projects to ensure children’s awareness of this rights, gender sensitivity training and violence preventing or deterrence projects that make strategic interventions on gender based violence against children and develop applicable remedies.

3. Children victim of torture
HNCEO supports program that provide direct psychological legal, social on other assistance, cash gift to victims of torture (orphan or poor children…)
HNCEO will join with nurse, doctor on treating torture victims… as well as to take care of.

4. Children human right

HNCEO is concerned with a clear researchanddocumented of children human right issue and where it can be shown that such research is used to soften a particular policy that has in some way contributed to children abuse.

Our program give priority to projects of poor orphans which HNCEO aimed to feed,care,and then help poor children, orphansto live and learn vocational english training center to improve their vocational English.

Besides this HNCEO have intention to HELP orphan, poor children to improve youth vocational English school. And as to orphan, poor children, young victim and poor children in jail that HNCEO will do the utmost effort to free them.

5. Sexual Minorities

HNCEO is also combating against sexual minorities that directly addressed oppression based on sexual orientation and sexual identity. HNCEO will also demonstrate an understanding of the connection among oppression and have a commitment to address their forms of oppression such as gender, class, race ethnicity ,geophysical and reflect the diversity of the geographic region in which they do their life.

6. Charity Program

HNCEO will have a small charity program for charity know how in making grants, cash, feed care to older, widow and so on.
There is a growing emphasis on the developmental of the English management vocational skill, professional development on English educational program and so on.
Therefore HNCEO’ S charity is working in the area among utility such as environmental education.


Working as a public charity, NHCEO is designed in providing some small donation or gift to the older, widow and the poorest for furnishing some donation orcashes after inquiring some information from local authority before delivering grant to them.

Our main wishis to arrange the life of the poorest at least HNCEO can rehabilitate their life in a good condition….

In doing so HNCEO will fund some particular help in paying some more intention in the area to support small gift which include older women, widow, indigenous women’s workers, lesbians and adolescent girl for the support area including childrenhuman right sexual right, communication and cultural activities,

8. Children Human Right

HNCEO field consist some more scale of interrelated topic Cambodia wide such as access to needed information,safeguard,children civil right that we done our strong activity against injustice and then check on power such as judicial review.

Therefore HNCEO will seek to support charitable program in a multi social of Kampong Thom province based on principle of Justice and opportunity equality.

8.B. Charity for the oldest

HNCEO will grant some small grant to the oldest of kampong Thom province through many districts for health service and welfare (elderly children one general…)

9. job opportunity

All the above mentioned program, HNCEO will organize a wide support for the research project on children development disability and then provide support in the area such aslife environment, health reproductive, human right and job opportunities.

HNCEO will encourage orphans, poorest children and lonely orphans to improve the vocational English skills in expanding their opportunities for vocational English skill and graduates who are interested in careers involving human right and vacancy.

HNCEO have its main purpose on such vocational English skill is to boost and improve basic skills required for effective human right work of orphan and poorest children.

In particular through academic projects and public discussion of basics issuers at home and abroad through the study, HNCEO will support children of rich family by providing scholarship plan and implementation to continue their learning abroad.

10- HNCEO orphan/ children Center

HNCEO is strongly working marginalized orphans/children.) youth , their families and their communities to build their future and develop creative projects that effective support the orphan/children to become in independent and as HNCEO productive members.
HNCEO aim to facilitate the children social reintegration into their families, the public system,the workplace and their culture.

Otherwise HNCEO offer foods, shelter, medical care , training and educational facilities for over 100 orphans/children homeless, vulnerable or abandoned.

VII. Construction Plan (AnnexedX
VIII. Plan of Base (Annexed)
IX. Plan of Base (Annexed0
X. Estimated Budget (annexed
XI. Estimated beneficiaries

The above-mentioned project is aimed for orphans’lonely childrenand poor children.

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